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1985, Vol 9, Num 4

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Basic Changes in Lower Limb Prosthetics


Alvin L. Muilenburg, C.P.O.



Beyond the Quadrilateral


Hans Richard Lehneis, Ph.D., C.P.O.



Normal Shape-Normal Alignment (NSNA) Above-Knee Prosthesis


Ivan A. Long, CP.



Contoured Adducted Trochanteric-Controlled Alignment Method (CAT-CAM): Introduction and Basic Principles


John Sabolich, C.P.O.



Flexible Socket Systems


David J. Jendrzejczyk, CP.



Flex-Frame Sockets in Upper Extremity Prosthetics


Donald L. Fornuff, CP.



New Concepts in Post-Operative Scoliosis Management


Robert D. Fitch, M.D.
Carrie Louise Beets, CO.



Dual Function Orthotic Ankle Joint


Gustav Rubin, M.D., FACS
Malcolm Dixon, M.A., R.P.T.
Eugenio Lamberty, CO.


O&P Library > Clinical Prosthetics & Orthotics > 1985, Vol 9, Num 4

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