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X-ray Photographs

The curious case of blue green X-ray images from Fitzsimons Army Medical Center PDF
Interview with Robert Shanebrook
Worldwide Product Manager (retired)
Kodak Professional Films
Date: 12/14/2008 - 12/15/2008
PDF file (9 kB), posted on 01/27/2009

X-rays are manifestly black and white. Many of the recovered Fitzsimons' images are bluish green. For insight on this phenomenon, the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York (museum of photography) was contacted. The query was a little modern and specific for their archival expertise, so they recommended contacting Robert Shanebrook, retired worldwide product manager for Kodak professional films. The bluish green color X-ray images in this X-ray photographs section (as well as the scientific exhibit's narrated slideshow) were scanned from recovered 35 mm slides. During the scanning process, the cardboard frame on some of the slides was removed in an effort to capture an obstructed part of the image. Doing so revealed that the reversal (slide) film used by the Medical Illustrations Audio Visual Activity (MIAVA) at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center (FAMC) was type Ektachrome B (one or two slides revealed Ektachrome X film). It should be noted that the majority of the de-framed slides had no film type indication. A few of the Fitzsimons' slides also have a date stamp on the frame, with a majority of the dates being December 1975, with the occasional January 1976, and November 1975 dated slide in the collection. These dates coincide with the documents in the Historic Correspondence section of this website referencing the X-ray exhibit (Specifically this letter, this letter, and this letter, not to mention this letter). This information was presented to Robert Shanebrook in an email exchange/interview beginning on 12-14-07. His interview responses are presented, independent of the questions asked, because his answers stand alone excellently as an informed discussion of the slide images. Terms that have a footnote were specific technical references that were discussed in a subsequent email exchange dated 12-15-07.

Artificial Limbs and Related X-rays (& misc. photographs)

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