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Stump And Socket - A New Fifteen Points


Fifteen points (pressure points) born out of observations of a compassionate student of the Suction Socket Prosthesis.

  1. He who fits every stump with a Suction Socket and is no magician, must fit none. He has yet to learn the elementaries of this product.
  2. The stump must grip the socket. Never must the socket grip the stump-it's a strangler's grip.
  3. It's the muscle that makes the suction socket go; it will do without suction, but never without muscle.
  4. The Fitting of the Suction Socket is the determinant in the survival of the fittest fitters.
  5. Mutual disregard between the prosthetist and the surgeon is alone not sufficient to secure an ideal product.
  6. The fit of the socket - the fate of the stump.
  7. Seventy-five percent of the stump is water. The shape of the stump changes during walking, the socket does not.
  8. Hip contractures are real. To recognize and regard them is the acid test for mastery.
  9. Gait Rhythm means better mental rhythm.
  10. The (correct) Silesian Bandage, the adductor belt, is the best friend a weak stump ever had.
  11. What's in a name? The Silesian Bandage is no bandage, the Ischial Seat is not to sit on, and the Suction Socket can do without suction.
  12. An optimist's way of dealing with stump edema: To salute its appearance and call it muscular hypertrophy.
  13. With alignment you can't go wrong. Any way you align, there is an authority to back you up.
  14. Which one of the two, the doctor or the prosthetist, is to decide on the acceptance of the final product? Answer: The Stump.
  15. Phantom Limbs. Stumps are dreamers. Their dreams give them back their lost limbs. In their waking hours it is up to the fitter to make their dreams come true or turn to a nightmare.


O&P Library > Orthotics and Prosthetics > 1953, Vol 7, Num 3 > pp. 6 - 6

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