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Arranging a Program for Physicians The W. E. Isle Company is Host

(Editor's Note: From time to time, every OALMA member is faced with the problem of arranging a program for a group of physicians or other specialists. We think this note by Ted W. Smith of Kansas City, describing such a meeting will be helpful. Members may also want to refer to an earlier article "Planning Regional Meetings" by Fred J. Eschen, which appeared in the March, 1953 issue.)

Doctors Dickson, Diveley, Kiene and Meyers' clinic here in Kansas City is a nationally known group of orthopedic doctors, and has quite an extensive practice. In their clinical set-up, they have quite a large group of residents in orthopedic surgery. Since we have been doing their orthopedic appliance work for years, we conduct regular meetings for these residents, usually on the basis of once a year. A meeting in which the VA film was shown was held at our facility Monday evening, April 2nd. Doctor Paul W. Meyer attended this meeting with the following group of residents: Doctors Samuel Osborn, John L. Barnard, W. H. Keener, G. M. Hoover, James E. Jameson, Donald D. Hobbs.

Our program started promptly at 7:00 P.M. with a tour of our complete facility. During this period we would have discussions in each of our fabricating departments covering principally the methods and ways of fabricating different appliances.

Upon the completion of this tour, the film on Upper Extremities was shown and this was followed with a discussion of upper extremity amputations and prostheses which was moderated by Ivan A. Dillee.

This was followed by a discussion on lower amputations and prostheses which was moderated by Mr. W. H. McCluskey.

The next thing on our program was orthopedic appliances and this covered principally a very detailed discussion of spinal braces such as the Milwaukee Brace, Williams Spinal Brace, Hyperextension Braces, Taylor and Chair-Backs; with a detailed discussion of the variance in types as supplied in different sections of the country. This was purposely included on our program as a majority of these resident physicians will locate in other areas outside of Kansas City when they enter the practice of orthopedic surgery. Since I have travelled extensively in the past 10 years or so, I moderated this part of the program. The first part covered types of orthopedic appliances and was moderated by our Mr. Kenneth F. McConnell.

Doctor Paul W. Meyer and Ted R. Reynolds acted as leaders and introduced all phases of the program.

The meeting adjourned about 11:10 P.M. Shortly after the meeting adjourned, one of our men commented that we certainly must have had something interesting to present for when you can keep a group of busy doctors in a meeting for hours, you certainly have to have something that they are vitally interested in.

O&P Library > Orthotics and Prosthetics > 1956, Vol 10, Num 3 > pp. 83 - 83

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