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Addendum: Comments on Prostheses for Bilateral Amputation of Lower Extremity

Marion S. Kessler, C.P. *

We would like to report that the Hanger Facility in Boston has delivered prostheses and followed through on twelve cases of this type during the past two years. These twelve patients fell in the age group between forty and seventy-eight. Types of prostheses included double below-knee. a below-knee and coupled with above-knee prosthesis, and a double above knee prosthesis. We did not attempt to fit this older age group with prostheses equipped with knee joints. However, all patients under the age of fifty were successfully fitted with conventional prostheses and were rehabilitated. 1 personally feel that all healthy bilateral amputees without flexion contracture should be given a chance to try a conventional prosthesis.

We have fitted some older patients with pylons, some with ankle joints and others without (stationery). Although it is not as easy to train a patient on pylons without ankle joints, once they have learned to use the pylons they seem to walk as well without joints as with. It is our opinion that cither is satisfactory. We also feel that any amputee over the age of 65 should have a mental test as well as a physical to determine their ability to accept pylons cosmetically.

O&P Library > Orthotics and Prosthetics > 1958, Vol 12, Num 2 > pp. 73 - 73

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