O&P Library > Orthotics and Prosthetics > 1958, Vol 12, Num 4 > pp. 52 - 53

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Laboratory and Shop Notes: A Column of Practical Ideas

Alvin L. Muilenburg, Chairman 
G. E. Snell 
C.O. Anderson 
Erich Hanicke 
Joseph Martino 

Joseph H. Martino, the United Limb & Brace Co., Inc., of Boston, writes: "Protek-sorb, which is the silica gel crystals, works well in absorbing normal moisture in suction sockets. However, when there is excessive perspiration involved, the paper container dissolves and the package is no longer usable.

"In the shop, we are experimenting with 3/4" wide hand saw blades in the hopes that we can obtain straighter cuts, longer blade life and more efficient operation. Also, we have a bayonette type of jig saw which, when working with plastic laminate purls, works belter than the Dremel coping saw we mentioned a few months ago. There is a small electric carving tool with molding heads that is excellent for cleaning the grooves and slots of the Otto Bock knees.

"We have been having a little difficulty finding the proper buckles for the plastic laminate sockets on the Canadian hip disarticulation type of prostheses. We are wondering what the other limb shops throughout the country are using and from where are they obtaining them."

O&P Library > Orthotics and Prosthetics > 1958, Vol 12, Num 4 > pp. 52 - 53

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