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Paul Leimkuehler and Howard Thranhardt Named Leaders of the Profession; OALMA Becomes AOPA

National Assembly Votes Change of Name To Indicate Professional Status

The National Assembly of the Limb and Brace Profession, sponsored by the Orthopedic Appliance and Limb Manufacturers Association, met at Dallas October 18-22, at the Adolphus Hotel. Many members of the Association flew to Mexico City upon the adjournment of the Assembly, to take part in a Technical Session sponsored jointly by the Association and by the

Asociacion Mexicana Rehabilitacion. (For details of the Mexico session, see page 31.)

Skilled and vigorous leaders were chosen by the two organizations active in the limb and brace field.

Paul E. Leimkuehler, C.P. of Cleveland, Ohio, was unanimously elected President of the American Orthotics and Prosthetics Association for 1959-60. That is the new name adopted by the Orthopedic Appliance and Limb Manufacturers Association.

Howard Thranhardt, C.P., of Atlanta, Georgia, was elected President of the American Board for Certification, the certifying agency in prosthetics and orthotics.

The Board of Directors of the Association met with the national officers during the Assembly to approve plans for the year ahead. Among other important actions, the Association voted to take out a sustaining membership in the International Society for the Welfare of Crippled Children and Adults. It approved also plans for the 1960 Assembly held in New York September 2-6, inclusive. The Assembly will be held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel immediately after the Eighth World Congress of the International Society for the Welfare of Crippled Children and Adults, thus making it possible for many of the delegates to the World Congress to join in the Technical Sessions of the Assembly.

Before adjourning of the Assembly, the Association took formal note of the contribution to the success of the Assembly which had been made by the participating orthotists, prosthetists, physicians, and rehabilitation workers. By resolution, the Association expressed its gratitude to these speakers and resource persons:

Dr. Robert E. Stewart and W.W. Anderson of the Veterans Administration, John Bray, C.O. & P.; William E. Hitchcock, C.P.; Ruth Jackson, M.D.: M.J. Benjamin, C.O.; Colin McLaurin and Fred Hampton of the Prosthetics Research Program, Northwestern University; Henry Gardner, C.P.; the Michigan Crippled Children Commission, Alfred B. Swanson, M.D.: James A. MarDonell. M.D.: Maurice J. Fletcher. Colonel, USA, Director of the Army Prosthetics Research Laboratory; W. Frank Harmon, C.O.; Howard Thranhardt. C.P.; Edward W. Snygg, C.P. & O.; Charles A. Hennessy, C.P. & O.: Carlton Fillauer. C.P. & O.: Anthony Staros, Director of the V.A. Prosthetics Center: Donald F. Colwell. C.P.: McCarthy Hanger, Jr.; Miles W. Anderson, Ed.D., Director of Prosthetics Educution, University of California, Los Angeles: Sidney Fishman, Ph.D., Director of Prosthetics Education. New York University; J. Warren Perry. Ph.D., Director of Prosthetics Education. Northwestern University; Harold W. Glattly, M.D.; Paul Meyer. M.D.: Ted R. Reynolds. C.O., Paul Williams. M.D., and orthotist William Miller.

In a series of other resolutions, delegates to the Assembly voted the thanks of the Association to: Fred Quisenberry, C.P., Program Chairman for the Assembly: Exhibits Chairman David McGraw. C.O., and the members of his Committee, for the outstanding arrangement of exhibits; Mr. Fred Brown. Mr. George Smith and their associates on the staff of the Hotel Adolphus for their service in Assembly arrangements; and the. OALMA members of Region VIII for the Western Party arranged by that Region for Assembly delegates.

At The Assembly

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