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Dr. Rosenkranz's Prosthetic Splinters III.

  1.  STABILITY itself is nothing else but instability in slow motion.
  2.  ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN BODY: If one knew how the body is made, he would not dare move; Physiology: If one knew how it works, he would rejoice in making it work.
  3.  To the prosthetist who frowns upon alignment devices: INTUITION is that strange instinct that tells the limbfitter he does right, whether he does or not.
  4.  Prosthetics should be planned on physiological lines, not by mere carpentry.
  5.  Some prosthetists I have met were still young enough to know everything.
  6.  When the stump turns blue, it is the limbfitter's turn to blush.
  7.  The prosthesis is to the stump what a house is to the individual: A machine to live in. (after Frank Lloyd Wright).
  8.  How many COMING IMPROVEMENTS has one known! Where on earth do they all go to?
  9.  Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome, (after Samuel Johnson).
  10.  If you think of STANDARDIZATION as the best that you know today, but which is to be improved tomorrow—you get somewhere. (Henry Ford).
  11.  The LARGEST ROOM in the world is the room for improvement.
  12.  RESULTS! Why, man, I have gotten a lot of results. I know several thousands that won't work. (Thomas Edison).
  13.  Prosthetic care must begin before amputation starts.
  14.  Prosthetics means harnessing the greatest force in the Universe, the force of gravity.
  15.  Friendship between surgeon and prosthetist is often only a suspension of hostilities.
  16.  Recent Books:
    The Prosthetic Team—A Conspiracy On Alignment: A mystery story
    TAmputation and Prosthesis: A sad story with a happy ending
    TThe Electric Hand: Science-Fiction
    TThe Suction Socket: A German best seller
  17.  The first principle in Prosthetics is getting the job.
  18.  An orthotist's dream: A centipede's order for arch supports.
  19.  Some contemporary legs are the deplorable results of an omitted wood burning.
  20.  Only a mediocre prosthetist is always at his best.
  21.  God may forgive you your sin; the stump won't.
  22.  Don't expect the socket to say "when."
  23.  The ISCHIAL SEAT is the signature of the prosthetist.
  24.  All modern appliances are descended from obsolete creations, but it shows more on some.
  25.  All men are created equal, but no two stumps are alike.
  26.  Honor FITTING and ALIGNMENT, and the days of your staying in business will be long.
  27.  The ideal leg. There does not exist a "best" leg for all cases. The "best" limb is always that which the wearer through energy and skill renders "the best for him."

O&P Library > Orthotics and Prosthetics > 1963, Vol 17, Num 3 > pp. 313 - 314

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