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A New Start

This is the December, 1971 issue of the quarterly journal of the orthotic-prosthetic profession.

It has been published late for a reason.

An intensive evaluation of the entire situation involving ORTHOTICS AND PROSTHETICS has been underway, and a number of changes have been made in its set up. Their goal is to make this publication a truly worthwhile vehicle for the service of the profession.

The Association will continue as publisher and the National Office will continue to manage the production end of the journal activity. However, full responsibility for the editorial content has been turned over to the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists. It will be the latter's function to stimulate certified practitioners to prepare useful articles.

Mr. Bert R. Titus, C.P.O., Duke University Medical School, and Mr. A. Bennett Wilson, Jr., Executive Director, Committee on Prosthetic Research and Development, National Research Council, will serve as Editor and Technical Editor temporarily.

A number of new policies relating to content will be introduced over the next few issues. They are based on these fundamental concepts:

  1.  Since ORTHOTICS AND PROSTHETICS is the only comprehensive journal in the field, it should be truly useful to the practitioners and facilities composing the practice. This means that they must take on the obligation of preparing articles that will benefit their colleagues, if the journal is to survive.
  2.  Anyone's article will be considered, provided it relates to orthotics and prosthetics and is co-authored by an orthotist or prosthetist.

The over-all goal is to make this journal an effective medium for the benefit of every subscriber. Whether that goal is met will depend on whether each practitioner has enough interest in his profession and its publication to contribute articles.

It's that simple.

O&P Library > Orthotics and Prosthetics > 1971, Vol 25, Num 4 > pp. 1 - 1

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