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1984, Vol 38, Num 4

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The Toledo Tenodesis Prosthesis— A Case History Utilizing a New Concept in Prosthetics for the Partial Hand Amputee


Daniel P Cole, C.O.
Gerald L. Davis, OTR/L
Janet E. Traunero, OTR/L



LSU Lively Orthosis


Carlton E. Fillauer, C.P.O.
Charles H. Pritham, C.P.O.





Karl D. Fillauer, C.P.O.



Sheet Plastics and Their Applications in Orthotics and Prosthetics


David C. Showers, B.S., C.P.O.
Martha L. Strunck, B.S., C.P.



The Development of a Molded Pelvic Girdle and the Pelvic Casting Fixture


Carlton E. Fillauer, C.P.O.
Charles H. Pritham, C.P.O.



Role of Cephalo Cervico Thoracic Dynamic Splint in Management of Congenital Torticollis


Col. H.C. Joshi
Lt. Col. B.P. Mathur
Lt. Col. H.S. Oberoi



The P.A.D.*—A New Alignment Device for Prosthetic Systems (The Case of an A.K. Endoskeletal Prosthesis**)


Gilbert Pierron
Michel Palfray
Marcel Berthet



Multiple Durometer Socket Liners for P.T.B. Prostheses


Timothy B. Staats, M.A., C.P.



Professionalism: A Review of Its Impact on the Health Services


Robert L. Rhodes, B.A., C.O.



Technical Note: Vertebral Compression Fractures— Treatment with a Composite Thoraco-Lumbar Orthosis


Albert L. Howe, C P.O.



Technical Note: A Case Study— Special Choparts Prosthesis with Custom Molded Foot


Robert D. Young, B.S. Ed., C.P.


O&P Library > Orthotics and Prosthetics > 1984, Vol 38, Num 4

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