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1995, Vol 19, Num 3

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Amputation level assessment using lightguide spectrophotometry


D.K. Harrison
P.T. McCollum
D.J. Newton
P. Hickman
A.S. Jain



Congenital limb anomalies and amputees Tayside, Scotland 1965-1994


C. P. U. Stewart
A. S. Jain



Lower limb amputees in Southern Finland


H. Alaranta
R. Alaranta
T. Pohjolainen
M. Kärkkäinen



Pre and post-amputation mobility of trans-tibial amputees: correlation to medical problems, age and mortality


V. J. Johnson
S. Kondziela
F. Gottschalk



Is body powered operation of upper limb prostheses feasible for young limb deficient children?


J. Shaperman
M. Leblanc
Y. Setoguchi
D. R. Mcneal



Different approaches and cultural considerations in third world prosthetics


S. Meanley



A comparison of trial shoe and shell shoe fitting techniques


R.C-C. Chen
M. Lord



Effect of push handle height on net moments and forces on the musculoskeletal system during standardized wheelchair pushing tasks


L.H.V. van der Woude
C.M. van Koningsbruggen
A.L. Kroes
I. Kingma


O&P Library > POI > 1995, Vol 19, Num 3

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