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The International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO), is a multi-disciplinary organization comprised of persons who have a professional interest in the clinical, educational and research aspects of prosthetics, orthotics, rehabilitation engineering and related areas.


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1997, Vol 21, Num 02

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The population of users of upper limb prostheses attending the Oxford Limb Fitting Service


P. J. Kyberd
D. J. Beard
J. D. Morrison



Epidemiology of lower limb amputees in the north of the Netherlands: aetiology, discharge destination and prosthetic use


G. M. Rommers
L. D. W. Vos
J. W. Groothoff
C. H. Schuiling
W. H. Eisma



Static versus dynamic prosthetic weight bearing in elderly trans-tibial amputees


M. E. Jones
J. R. Steel
G. M. Bashford
I. R. Davidson



A new biomechanical method for determination of static prosthetic alignment


S. B Lumentritt



The effect of changing the inertia of a trans-tibial dynamic elastic response prosthesis on the kinematics and ground reaction force patterns


S. C. Hillery
E. S. Wallace
R. McIlhagger
P. Watson



ICEROSS - a consensus view: a questionnaire survey of the use of ICEROSS in the United Kingdom


I. McCurdie
R. Hanspal



Analysis of torso movement of trans-femoral amputees during level walking


E. Tazawa



The efficacy of the one-leg cycling test for determining the anaerobic threshold (AT) of lower limb amputees


T. Chin
S. Sawamura
H. Fujita
S. Nakajima
I. Ojima
H. Oyabu
Y. Nagakura
A. Nakagawa



A review of 42 patients of 16 years and over using the ORLAU Parawalker


R.E. Major
J. Stallard
S.E. Farmer



Heel lifting as a conservative therapy for osteoarthritis of the hip: based on the rationale of Pauwels' intertrochanteric osteotomy


S. Ohsawa
R. Ueno



A young female patient with reflex sympathetic dystrophy of the upper limb in whom amputation became inevitable


J. H. B. Geertzen
J. S. Rietman
A. J. Smit
K. W. Zimmerman


O&P Library > POI > 1997, Vol 21, Num 02

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