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The International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO), is a multi-disciplinary organization comprised of persons who have a professional interest in the clinical, educational and research aspects of prosthetics, orthotics, rehabilitation engineering and related areas.


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1998, Vol 22, Num 2

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The Knud Jansen Lecture: Amputee rehabilitation - finding the niche


H. J. B. Day



The influence of prior stroke on the prosthetic rehabilitation of lower limb amputees


V. C. Neumann
D. H. G. Cotter
J. M. L. Geddes
R. Waxman



Comparison of the lightweight Camp Normal Activity Foot with other prosthetic feet in trans-tibial amputees: a pilot study


G. J. v. d. Water
J. de Vries
M. A. Mulder



Morphological changes during early trans-tibial prosthetic fitting


M. Lilja
P. Hoffmann
T. Öberg



An "appropriate technology" trans-femoral prosthesis, using materials available in Nepal


S. Meanley
N. K. Reed



Conventional versus microchip controlled pneumatic swing phase control for trans-femoral amputees: user's verdict


D. Datta
J. Howitt



An audit of the quality of the stump and its relation to rehabilitation in lower limb amputees


B. K. Chakrabarty



Criteria for prosthetic provision: "he who pays the piper calls the tune"


M. Heim
A. Merelman
G. Manor
E. Jacobi
M. Azaria



Powered prosthetic hands in very young children


D. Datta
V. Ibbotson



Low-bandwidth telemedicine for remote orthotic assessment


E. D. Lemaire
Y. Jeffreys


O&P Library > POI > 1998, Vol 22, Num 2

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