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The International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO), is a multi-disciplinary organization comprised of persons who have a professional interest in the clinical, educational and research aspects of prosthetics, orthotics, rehabilitation engineering and related areas.


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1999, Vol 23, Num 1

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Analyses of prosthetic episodes in trans-tibial amputees


D. Datta
S. P. Vaidya
Z. Alsindi



Relaxed versus activated stump muscles during casting for trans-tibial prostheses


M. Lilja
S. Johansson
T. Öberg



Interface pressures and shear stresses: sagittal plane angular alignment effects in three trans-tibial amputee case studies


J. E. Sanders
C. H. Daly



Validation of a quantitative method for defining CAD/CAM socket modifications


E. D. Lemaire
P. Bexiga
F. Johnson
S. E. Solomonidis
J. P. Paul



The efficacy of physiological cost index (PCI) measurement of a subject walking with an Intelligent Prosthesis


T. Chin
S. Sawamura
H. Fujita
S. Nakajima
I. Ojima
H. Oyabu
Y. Nagakura
H. Otsuka
A. Nakagawa



Bilateral lower limb amputations as a result of landmine injuries


A. S. Atesalp
K. Erler
E. Gür
E. Köseğlu
V. Kirdemir
B. Demiralp



Save that arm: a study of problems in the remaining arm of unilateral upper limb amputees


L. E. Jones
J. H. Davidson



Patient compliance and effect of orthopaedic shoes


A. B. Philipsen
N. Ellitsgaard
M. R. Krogsgaard
S. Sonne-Holm



Comparison of bending stiffness of six different colours of copolymer polypropylene


R.S. Ross
R.J. Greig
P. Convery



Technical note
Creating a model for fabricating a partial hand glove prosthesis using the realigned casts of the contralateral digits


M. E. L. Leow
A. K. Kour
W. K. M. Ng
R. W. H. Pho



Technical note
Analysis of body-device interface forces in the sagittal plane for patients wearing ankle-foot orthoses


B. McHugh



Technical note
Use of a gas spring contracture correction orthosis for the management of a fixed flexion contracture of the elbow


P. Keeping
R. Major


O&P Library > POI > 1999, Vol 23, Num 1

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