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1999, Vol 23, Num 2

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Epidemiology of lower limb amputees in Southern Finland in 1995 and trends since 1984


T. Pohjolainen
H. Alaranta



A closer look at amputees in Vietnam: a field survey of Vietnamese using prosthese


S. L. Matsen



An epidemiological study of war amputees and the cost to society


C. P. U. Stewart
A. S. Jain



Socket/stump interface dynamic pressure distributions recorded during the prosthetic stance phase of gait of a trans-tibial amputee wearing a hydrocast socket


P. Convery
A. W. P. Buis



Static structural testing of trans-tibial composite sockets


T. A. Current
G. F. Kogler
D. G. Barth



Improvement of control cable system of trans-humeral body-powered prostheses


I. Kitayama
M. Matsuda
S. Nakajima
S. Sawamura
H. Ninomiya
H. Furukawa



Effectiveness of prosthetic rehabilitation of children with limb deficiencies present at birth


G. Şener
K. Yiğiter
K. Bayar
F. Erbahçeci



In vivo friction properties of human skin


M. Zhang
A. F. T. Mak



Biomechanical assessment of gait in below-knee walking casts


R. White
J. Schuren
D. Wardlaw
Z. Diamandopoulos
R. Anderson



The functional use of the reciprocal hip mechanism during gait for paraplegic patients walking in the Louisiana State University reciprocating gait orthosis


P. M. Dall
B. Müller
I. Stallard
J. Edwards
M. H. Granat



Technical note: Preliminary clinical experience of a contracture correction device


P. Charlton
D. Ferguson
C. Peacock
J. Stallard



Technical note: RTV silicone elastomers in hand prosthetics: properties-applications and techniques


M. E. L. Leow
R. W. H. Pho



Technical note: Metamerism in aesthetic prostheses under three standard illuminants - TL84, D65 and F


M. E. L. Leow
W. K. M. Ng
B. P. Pereira
A. K. Kour
R. W. H. Pho


O&P Library > POI > 1999, Vol 23, Num 2

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