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The International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO), is a multi-disciplinary organization comprised of persons who have a professional interest in the clinical, educational and research aspects of prosthetics, orthotics, rehabilitation engineering and related areas.


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1999, Vol 23, Num 3

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Factors affecting wound healing after major amputation for vascular disease: a review


M. Eneroth



Relative mortality and long term survival for the non-diabetic lower limb amputee with vascular insufficiency


B. Ebskov



Prevalence and causal conditions for amputation surgery in the third world: ten years experience at Dodoma Regional Hospital, Tanzania


A. Loro
F. Franceschi



A new alignment jig for quantification and prescription of three-dimensional alignment for the patellar-tendon-bearing trans-tibial prosthesis


S. W. Sin
D. H. K. Chow
J. C. Y. Cheng



Effects of sagittal plane prosthetic alignment on standing trans-tibial amputee knee loads


S. Blumentritt
T. Schmalz
R. Jarasch
M. Schneider



A survey of function in children with lower limb deficiencies


W. M. Vannah
J. R. Davids
D. M. Drvaric
Y. Setoguchi
B. J. Oxley



Preliminary experiences with modified SACH feet manufactured and used in a tropical developing world setting


J. Steen Jensen
S. Heim



Evaluation of use and durability of polypropylene trans-tibial prostheses


T. T. Verhoeff
P. A. Poetsma
L. Gasser
H. Tung



Case note: The use of the shuttle lock system for problem trans-femoral suspension


A. S. Jain
C. P. U. Stewart



Technical note: Reduction of skin problems at the Alpha socket/skin interface


C. P. U. Stewart
J. Wilson



Comparative trials on hybrid walking systems for people with paraplegia: an analysis of study methodology


M. J. Ijzerman
G. Baardman
H. J. Hermens
P. H. Veltink
H. B. K. Boom
G. Zilvold



Technical note: Mechanical efficacy of the mobilising cervical support device (Mbrace)


J. Zapletal
M. A. Van Duijn


O&P Library > POI > 1999, Vol 23, Num 3

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