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Reproduced with permission from the National Academy of Sciences

The DRFOP acknowledges Charles King, CP for his help securing permissions and funding for this project.

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Artificial Limbs

The O&P Virtual Library is pleased to introduce the digital republishing of the classic periodical, Artificial Limbs: A Review of Current Developments. All thirty-three issues are now available online, via the links below or the keywords search to the upper right. See below for more information about this journal.

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The foundation of modern prosthetics can be directly traced to the coordinated efforts of the National Academy of Sciences under the various artificial limbs committees after the Second World War. America, at its height of post war efficiency and engineering acumen, set about to solve the burgeoning problem of amputees swelling an infrastructure of prosthetic delivery that was outmoded, outdated and unprepared. Artificial Limbs: A Review of Current Developments was an industry update of these research efforts and was published thirty-three times, spanning the years 1954 to 1972.

Comments on the digitization of Artificial Limbs:

"As a contributor to Artificial Limbs I am aware of the effort and care that was required to produce documents of high quality. Much of the work was accomplished by inter-disciplinary groups whose names are seldom mentioned. As an example, all of the illustrations for contributions from the Prosthetics Research Group at The University of California at Berkeley were done by Frank Todd, whose cartoons and anatomical pictures have helped many understand principles of biomechanics.

"I was particularly impressed with the recent issue devoted to the Canadian Hip Disarticulation prosthesis that featured among others the pioneering work of Colin McLaurin and James Foort. Researchers in the current era now will have a model of excellence for publications. All I can say is thanks to all who are involved in this project and to potential searchers and readers "If you are new to Artificial Limbs - You are going to be amazed".

Charles W Radcliffe, MS, ME
Professor of Mechanical Engineering (Emeritus)
University of California at Berkeley

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John W. Michael, CPO

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