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1955, Vol 2, Num 2

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Engineering Hope of the Handless


Eugene F. Murphy, Ph.D.



The Anthropology and Social Significance of the Human Hand


Ethel J. Alpenfels, D.Sc.



The Anatomy and Mechanics of the Human Hand


Craig L Taylor, Ph.D.
Robert J. Schwarz, M.D



Some Problems in the Management of Upper Extremity Amputees


Frederick E. Vultee, Capt., USA (MC)



The Noticeability of the Cosmetic Glove


Tamara Dembo, Ph.D.
Esther Tane Baskin, M.A.



Color Realism in the Cosmetic Glove


W. A. Carnelli, B.S. (Vienna)
M.G. DeFries, M. Ch. E.
Fred Leonard, Ph.D.



The Choice of Terminal Devices


Sidney Fishman, Ph.D.
Norman Berger, M.S.



The Principles of Artificial Hand Design


Maurice J. Fletcher, Lt. Col., USA (MSC)
Fred Leonard, Ph.D.


O&P Library > Artificial Limbs > 1955, Vol 2, Num 2

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