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Reproduced with permission from the National Academy of Sciences

This issue is dedicated to the proposition that we honor our prosthetic history by learning more about it.
Greg Gruman, C.P.
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1961, Vol 6, Num 1

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Syme's Amputation


Walter Mercer



The History and Development of Syme's Amputation


R. I. Harris



Syme's Amputation for Gangrene from Peripheral Vascular Disease


Gordon M. Dale, M.B.



Prostheses for Syme's Amputation


A. Bennett Wilson, Jr.



The Biomechanics of the Syme Prosthesis


Charles W. Radcliffe, M.S., M.E.



The Plastic Syme Prosthesis in Canada


C. S. Boccius



Some American Experience with Syme Prostheses


Herman Gladstone, M.D.
Louis Iuliucci, C.P.


O&P Library > Artificial Limbs > 1961, Vol 6, Num 1

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