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1962, Vol 6, Num 2

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The Patellar-Tendon-Bearing Prosthesis


Gabriel Rosenkrans, M.D.



Anatomical and Physiological Considerations in Below-Knee Prosthetics


Eugene F. Murphy, Ph.D.
A. Bennett Wilsion, Jr.



The Biomechanics of Below-Knee Prostheses in Normal, Level, Bipedal Walking


Charles W. Radcliffe, M.S., M.E.



Construction of the Patellar-Tendon-Bearing Below-Knee Prosthesis


Bryson Fleer
A. Bennett Wilson, Jr.



Some Experience with Patellar-Tedon-Bearing Below-Knee Prostheses


Frank A. Witteck, B.M.E.



Below-Knee Amputation Surgery


Henry E. Loon, M.D.


O&P Library > Artificial Limbs > 1962, Vol 6, Num 2

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