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1966, Vol 2, Num 1

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An Evolution in the Care of the Child Amputee


Charles H. Frantz, M.D.



The Evolution of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation Feeder


Robert L. Bennett, M.D.



Preliminary Design Analysis of Linkage Feeders


Hector W. Kay, M.Ed.
Nancy V. Appoldt, B.A.



Conclusions of a Conference on Linkage Feeders


Hector W. Kay, M.Ed.



Nomenclature for Congenital Skeletal Limb Deficiencies, a Revision of the Frantz and O'Rahilly Classification



Recent Concepts in the Treatment of the Limb-Deficient Child


Cameron B. Hall, M.D.



A New Surgical-Prosthetic Approach to the Syme's Amputation, a Preliminary Report


Augsto Sarmiento, M.D.,
Raymond E. Gilmer, Jr., M.D.
Alan Finnieston, C.P.



Northwestern University Suspension Casting Technique for Hemipelvectomy and Hip Disarticulation


Fred Hampton, C.P.



The Navy Prosthetics Research Laboratory Impulsion Valve


Charles C. Asbelle, B.S., C.P.O.


O&P Library > Artificial Limbs > 1966, Vol 2, Num 1

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