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1967, Vol 11, Num 2

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Still a Long Way to Go


D. S. McKenzie, M.D.



External Power in Prosthetics and Orthotics, an Overview


James B. Reswick, Sc.D.
Lojze Vodovnik, D.Sc.



Need for Research in Surgical and Medical Considerations Dealing with Prosthetics and Orthotics


George T. Aitken, M.D.



Need for Research in Fundamental Biomechanical Studies


J. Raymond Pearson, M.S.M.E.



Application of Prosthetics-Orthotics Principles to Treatment of Fractures


Augusto Sarmiento, M.D.
William F. Sinclair, C.P.



The Geriatric Amputee


Robert Mazet, Jr., M.D.



Orthotics Measurement Board for Tibial Torsion and Toe-Out


Hans R. Lehneis, C.P.O.


O&P Library > Artificial Limbs > 1967, Vol 11, Num 2

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