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1969, Vol 13, Num 2

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Recent Advances in Below-Knee Prosthetics


A. Bennett Wilson, Jr.



The NYU Transparent Socket Fabrication Procedure


Thomas Grille
Ronald Lipskin
Richard Hanak



A Method for Location of Prosthetic and Orthotic Knee Joints


Henry F. Gardner
Frank W. Clippinger, JR, M.D.



Radiographic Evaluation of Stump-Socket Fit


C. B. Taft



Clinical Study of the Application of the PTB Air-Cushion Socket


Eric Lyquist



Evaluating the Temporary Pylon and Permanent Prosthesis in a Rehabilitation Amputee Clinic


O. D. Parker



Fabrication Procedures for the Open-Shoulder Above-Elbow Socket


C. A. McLaurim, P. Eng.
W. F. Sauter, C.P.O.
C. M. E. Dolan, M.S.
G. R. Hartmann, CPO



Myoelectric Immediate Postsurgical Procedure: A Concept for Fitting the Upper-Extremity Amputee


D. S. Childress. Ph.D.
F. L. Hampton, C.P.
C. N. Lambert, M.D.
R. G. Thompson, M.D.
M. J. Schrodt, M.D.



A Myoelectrically Controlled Powered Elbow


Herbert H. Hartman, M.S.
David C. Hobart, B.S.E.E.
Worden Waring, Ph.D.
Vernon L. Nickel, M.D.



A Feeding Device


Sandra S. Rife, O.T. Reg.
Edgar Kennedy, Special Devices Technician


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